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Sample from Coast to Coast AM interview

As mentioned earlier, I was a guest on the second half of C2CAM’s (Coast to Coast AM’s) October 24, 2022 show. The interview with me spanned 2 hours. Minus the commercials, I think it was around 75 minutes in total. Here is a sample of the interview, which C2CAM has made available via Spotify. I think on-demand playback of the full episode is only available to C2CAM subscribers. As the show is owned by C2CAM, I obviously and understandably don’t have the rights to share the full recording with you. I will however probably be sharing my thoughts about this interview on the next Satansplain.

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Satansplain #022 – Satanic Ritual, Altar Tools 101

Satanic ritual! Are too many Satanists rejecting its formal practice, based on misconceptions? Is it as daunting of a task as some newcomers to Satanism perceive it to be? Addressing the choice (not) to ritualize, plus Satanic Altar tools 101.

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Coast to Coast AM on Oct 24, 2022

I’ll be talking about Satanism and the Church of Satan as a guest on Coast to Coast AM. Tune in, if you can!

Note that for most of the western world, this going to be after midnight and thus technically I’ll be on during the morning of Tuesday, Oct 25, 3AM eastern(!).

There are plenty of ways to listen live. You can put on a good ol’ AM radio just about anywhere in the US for one of the syndicated stations. Of course, this being the 21st century, most of these stations will also have an internet live stream you can click on and listen to. For example, go here and click “Play Now”:

(In the show’s description, the link for “history’s longest-running Satanic podcast” was originally pointing to Satansplain, but they have since thankfully corrected it to point to my other podcast, The Devil’s Mischief.)

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Satansplain #021 – Matt Walsh, Anime, Vandalism, “What others think”, Satanic Ritual

Satanic commentary on conservative Matt Walsh and anime. Also vandalism, “caring what people think”, Satanic ritual, Satanic films, and more.

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Episode #020 – The Artificial and The Real

Bill thoroughly answers questions about Artificial Human Companions as well as objective reality, and especially on how they relate to Satanism.

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Episode #019 – Harvard Radio Interview (2016)

Hear a full, uncut 2016 interview from Harvard University radio on the topic of Satanism and the Church of Satan, covering the basics and beyond.

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Satansplain #018 – Closet Satanists, Eugenics, The Satanic Witch, For-the-Money Myth, Self-Improvement

In this episode, I answer several questions from YOU the listeners, regarding such topics as: being a closet Satanist in the corporate world, the Satanic Witch, eugenics, along with a bogus claim that never seems to die about about Anton LaVey, and finally some testimony on Satanism improving the lives of Satanists.

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Episode #017 – On “Doing Nothing”

People who whine that the Church of Satan “does nothing” seem to have rather anti-Satanic ideas of what constitutes doing “something”. I’ll address this topic, along with finding fellow Satanists in the real world.

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Episode #016 – Satanism and Atheism

Atheism vs. Satanism is a topic that should be simple enough to understand, but all too often gets mangled by people who don’t understand what one or both of the words mean. Hear responses to the most common questions and misconceptions on this topic.