About / FAQ

What is Satansplain?
Satansplain is a Satanism commentary show hosted by a knowledgeable Satanist and a Magister of the Church of Satan.

Where can I listen to Satansplain?
Satansplain episodes are available for listening right here on the website, as well as many other places where podcasts are typically carried, such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple/iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts.

What is the format of the show?
At the time of this writing, Satansplain is audio-only, though this may change in the future. The show may also later expand to include featured guests as well as optional exclusive content.

Who is the host of Satansplain?
Bill M. is a Satanist and has been a member of the Church of Satan since the 1990s. He currently holds the high rank of Magister. He has published numerous articles on Satanism, and is the host of history’s longest-running Satanic podcast, “The Devil’s Mischief“, a part of Radio Free Satan. As a representative of the Church of Satan, Magister Bill been interviewed over the years on various radio and television shows, podcasts, and print publications. He has also performed Satanic baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

Where can I get the latest news updates on Satansplain?
Episodes are always made available here on the website. You can also read our X (Twitter) channel.

Where can I go to learn about Satanism?
Visit the official Church of Satan website at churchofsatan.com. More specifically, try starting with the FAQ there. Also, purchase The Satanic Bible (paperback) by Anton Szandor LaVey.

Is Satansplain affiliated with Radio Free Satan?
No. Bill’s other podcast, The Devil’s Mischief, is one of many shows on Radio Free Satan (RFS), and has been part of that station ever since the show launched in 2003. But Satansplain itself is not part of RFS. It was simply decided that new talk/rant/opinion shows don’t fit the RFS format.

I like the show! Is there a way I can support Satansplain?
Yes! You can become a monthly subscriber to the Satansplain channel on Locals. You can also buy Satansplain t-shirts, stickers, etc. from our merchandise store.

What is the theme music I hear on Satansplain?
The music is a short instrumental piece titled “Kalimba #3”, ©2014. It was written, performed, and recorded by Magister Bill. The song gets its title from the main instrument being played on it, a kalimba (African thumb piano).

Is this a recruitment show for a Satanic cult?
Nope. Satanism doesn’t work like that.

What if I want to proselytize / spam / harass / troll you?
You will most likely get blocked and (if applicable to the medium) be reported. Your content may be read on the air so you can be properly ridiculed. Or worst of all, you might instead just be ignored completely.

Hi, I’m from Nigeria. Are you in the Illuminati? And if so, can you make me rich?
No. Go away.

How do I contact the show host? (I promise my question or message is legit!)
Send an email. The email address is mentioned in every episode.