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Satansplain #066 – 1966, The Black Flame, Get a Life!

The number 66 may not be 666, but it does prompt us to take a look at the year 1966, with the book “We Are Satanists” offering much insight into the foundation of the Church of Satan. We’ll also hear Anton LaVey’s later message to the scavengers and detractors of what he established (“Get a life!”), and the meaning of “the black flame”.

00:00 – Intro
03:20 – On (not) joining the COS: valid reasons and invalid reasons
09:41 – More lame reasons we hear
12:28 – Anton LaVey: “Get a Life” essay
16:13 – Santecdote
20:48 – Will AI replace comedians?
23:11 – The Black Flame
27:47 – Excerpts from “We Are Satanists” (and misuse of “Anton”)
30:15 – “Anton LaVey invented Satanism”
32:40 – All religion founders had their influences
34:21 – More from “We Are Satanists”