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Episode #013 – Luciferianism?

What exactly is Luciferianism, and how does it really differ from Satanism? And why does the topic make less sense the more you try to read about it? Also, The Satanic Playing Cards, “Satanecdotes”, recent podcast appearances, and a 3rd-side revisit to political “wokeness”.

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Episode #012 – Bill answers “7 Honest Questions for Atheists”

Recently a Christian apologist radio show host posted a list of “Seven Honest Questions For Atheists”. Bill gives his answers, addressing some related topics along the way.

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Episode #011 – Holidays & Schooling

It’s summertime! So why have so many clueless strangers on the internet been telling the Church of Satan to build a school? Learn about Satanic holidays and Satanic schooling in this episode of Satansplain.

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Episode #009 – Debunking the “Kidz Kwik Reference Guide”

Debunking the lies about Satanism and the Church of Satan told in a certain little “Kidz Kwik Reference Guide” infographic that keeps being shared on social media.

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Episode #006 – The Satanic Witch (2016 interview)

Hear an informative discussion on Anton LaVey’s “The Satanic Witch”. Magister Bill answers some general interview questions (including the origins of “Dr. Schitz, PhD in Satanic Memes“) and then joins Vesper Valen in exploring the book’s many topics, including the LaVey Synthesizer Clock, 3 Layers of Personality, “ESP”, the use of scent, the book’s invaluable use to Satanic warlocks, and more. Special thanks to Vesper Valen ( and also to Magister Gene (Vox Satanae) for making this long lost 2016 recording available.

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Episode #005 – Satanism and Politics

Satanism and politics: a topic that real Satanists have had to explain many times, yet bears repeating! Also, Bill replies to some listener mail.

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