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So what the heck is Locals? Locals is a special website for content creators and their audiences. What will you see when you sign up and go to the Satansplain channel? Right now, I have written transcriptions of the first 30 or 40 episodes, but I’m planning on adding more soon: unreleased essays, photos from Satanism events, live streams, and who knows what else. Let’s take this one step at a time.

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Satansplain #031 – Logic & Fallacies, part 2

Part 2 of a 2-part special on the topic of logic and fallacies, covering further examples of logical fallacies, where they show up in common arguments made against Satanism, and why such arguments fail.

Suggested sites:

00:00 – Intro / recap
02:38 – No True Scotsman
04:05 – No, that’s not the No True Scotsman fallacy
08:14 – Equivocation
11:52 – Moving the Goal Posts / Gish Gallop
15:04 – Bill’s LHA Anecdote / Dunning-Kruger Effect
18:09 – Non Sequiturs / Affirmation of the Consequent
20:44 – Red Herring / Whataboutism
23:25 – Slippery Slope fallacy (and what it isn’t)
32:58 – Probability fallacies: Intro
34:12 – Appeal to Popularity / Bandwagon
36:12 – Texas Sharp-Shooter / Correlation vs. Causation
38:27 – Anecdotal
39:52 – The stupidity of “deathbed recant” stories
43:39 – More Appeal fallacies: Appeal to Aniquity / Newness
45:51 – Appeal to Emotion
47:57 – Appeal to Authority
50:06 – Ad Hominem
51:51 – Reducto ad Hiterlium / Godwin’s Law
53:17 – No, using an insult doesn’t automatically make it ad hominem
54:31 – Tu Quoque
56:57 – Circular Logic / Begging the Question / Special Pleading
01:00:33 – Fallacies of Division & Composition
01:04:16 – Closing Thoughts